Saturday, July 21, 2007

Fur Love of the Game

I just finished another movie poster for Greg Carlson of Southpawfilmworks.

This one was quite a bit of work... 6 colors for a funny little short comedy about a campus olympics. Campus security guards vs. a bunch of furries. As you can tell from the final pic (below) there's a romantic encounter.

The piece was inspired by Drew Struzen's style, and the Gone with the Wind and Muppet Movie posters.

Here's the process of the colors:
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Color 1 - light blue

Image Hosted by

Color 2 - dark blue

Image Hosted by

Color 3 - orange

Image Hosted by

Color 4 - yellow

Image Hosted by

Color 5 - a skin tone I had to tone down quite a bit from a fake-bake tan to a sort of fake-bake tan

Image Hosted by

Color 6 - black

This is my second 6-color piece, and I've gotta say it was much easier than the first. I actually got some darn good registration out of it.

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Tucker said...

Hey Adam,

I wanted to drop a note to say thanks for your work on the Fur Love poster. My name is Tucker Lucas, I was the director and co-producer with Greg, amongst others. This poster is a knockout.

I posted about you and it on my website. Just thought I'd give you a heads up! Again, great work!