Monday, July 28, 2008

New Studio/Garage Process 10

Ok, at last I left you with no lights, no paint, no trim, etc. Things have progressed nicely. We're just about ready to move in.

Turman Garage

The main bay just needs to be primed and painted and the floor finished.

Turman Studio

Well, the studio is pretty much ready to go with a very few minor things left. I primed/painted/stained all of the finishing.

I learned a whole lot about epoxy flooring. That stuff is crazy. Whatever you do, don't mix all of it at once. Wow, that stuff was melting the bucket, steaming, smoking, hot to the touch, holy crap, I was freaking out. Long story, and some extra $$$ later, I got it done. I'm now an expert on applying epoxy. ;)

I'm thinking the next post you'll see on this will have actual printing studio stuff inside. Then the "Studio Moving Sale" will proceed. Sweet!


Allen Klosowski said...

Your artwork is great. I want my own studio! It looks great, looking forward to seeing your first project completed in the new studio!

cerdo said...

Wow adam... I didn't realize you were actually blogging...

THis space looks amazing!.... I kinda hate you a little bit now.