Friday, May 11, 2007

Got a Package from Steve Chanks

Steve Chanks is an amazing illustrator. We recently did a little trade. Here's what I got.

Image Hosted by
OG artwork on the front of the envelope

Image Hosted by
...and the back, must have been a REALLY long line at the PO

Image Hosted by
And here's my loot. Royal Flush mags, Dead Sexy T-shirt, and I'm totally saving that envelope (even if it's address to Mr. Thurman).

Thanks Chanks!


SteveChanks said...

What an ASS!!!
Who the hell is Adam Thurman? I guess that's what happens when a 5 year old is yankin' on your arm while you fill out an address.

Got the package today as well and I gotta say, I got package envy.
Stuffed to the gills.

Thanks Adam, You Rock!!!

derrik dyka said...

Yo cool work. I saw you on the blog of the day at CP. Great tagline!