Monday, May 21, 2007

Speeding Bullet

Here's a new print. The project came from a returning customer of mine, Greg Carlson of Southpawfilmworks. He makes some super cool short films that I know of. The last one I did was for his short comedy "Night of the Sassy" where a couple get into a argument while camping, and the girl having sex with what she thinks is her boyfriend, but instead it's a sasquatch. Hysterical.

Speeding Bullet is a very short 3-minute music comedy about an urban legend of a couple who have role playing sex. The guy dresses up as our hearo Superman, and the girl is handcuffed to the bed, and I won't give away the ending. Again, hysterical.

Here's the process of the poster.

Image Hosted by
Color 1 down.

Image Hosted by
Color 2 down.

Image Hosted by
Color 3 down

Image Hosted by
And color 4 down

Image Hosted by
Final before signing and numbering.


Jared said...

Wow, now I need to add that to the list of your prints I need to buy.

Adam Turman said...

Hey thanks.

It will be for sale on my site, but not before I get the prints to Greg. Keep checking back, it'll be up there in a couple of weeks.

Process Junkie said...

Great stuff, man!