Sunday, June 8, 2008

New Studio/Garage Process 1

Our old garage was in pretty bad shape. We moved into our home in July of 2001, and we knew right from the moment we bought the house that we had about another 5 years or so before the garage would have to be torn down and rebuilt.

The driveway was in really bad shape too. There was a tree (to the left, not pictured) pushing up part of the concrete right where cars would pull out of the garage.

At any rate, this is an on-going process thread showcasing our old garage, and having our new garage, and my brand spanking new studio space be built.

Turman Garage 1
The old garage.

Turman Garage 2
The old 2-car bay. The slab was in terrible shape and we had a significant mouse problem. So bad in fact that some mice decided the muffler of one of our cars would be a great home until we started up the car on a few occasions. Lot's of fun, and lots of $$$ to get the car mouse-free.

Turman Garage 3
Something nice about our old garage is that it had a good size area in the back of it for storage, and a small wood shop. I used that quite a bit. Here you see a door that lead to another back room, that flooded every time it rained and the room pictured was where the wood shop was. Both rooms leaked, had mice, and were extremely moldy. Not so great.

Turman Garage 4

This is the opposite side the wood shop room with a ton of garbage ready for demolition.

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