Thursday, June 12, 2008

New Studio/Garage Process 3

Turman Garage 6
Here's the concrete crew pouring the slab. They made quick work out of their job. The slab was poured in a matter of 2 hours. They immediately put down foundation blocks in preparation for framing.

The new garage/studio will be 33'x24'. It's a 3-car garage with a reverse gable. The whole thing will be heated and insulated. Storage truss above with a pull-down ladder. Everything will be sheetrocked.

I'll have the studio space (11'x24') air-conditioned, canned lighting with numerous outlets. 2 50amp circuits will connect to the garage/studio to run the heaters and all the equipment I'll need in the studio. 2 windows will face the house. It's going to be pretty sweet, and I'll get all my crap out of the basement!

Turman Slab 1
Slab, driveway, and sidewalk poured.

Turman Slab 2
3rd bay side of the driveway.

1 comment:

Graham D Pilling said...

That looks amazing! I am blown away by the amount of land you have on your plot. The average houseowner here in the UK has nothing like this...

Good luck with the rest of the build!