Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I don't normally do tattoo art

...but this one was different.

One of my customers approached me to do a tattoo for him. Normally, I'd steer him in the direction of my tattoo artists at Uptown Tattoo in Minneapolis. However, since my customer was already planning on having his actual work done there by Nic, I offered to help out.

Adam Turman pinup tattoo
Here's what he got. Great work by Nic.

Adam Turman pinup tattoo
Both pics are from the day after the tattoo was applied, and haven't healed. Plus my customer will be going back in for another session to finish up the girl, moon, and other details.


Jennybean said...

Nice Job!

Just trying to connect with other mn bloggers

Carlito’s Way said...

Dig it. Nice shoulder Kaveh. Nice art Adam. Time to call Nic. The four month wait looks to be definitely worth it.

B00MER said...

Having some Turman Too's on me as well, If I ever get enough cash I'd love to get a design for another turman tattoo :) looks killer, love it. later.