Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New Studio/Garage Process 11!!!

Seriously. Adam get on it and show us what the hell your studio looks like.

Ok, finally, here it is. No excuses, but I've been busy with freelance work and that has kept me from doing little house-keeping stuff like blogging.

At any rate, here's the finished studio with all my crap moved in.

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The space filled up real, real fast. Of course I could use a studio twice this size, but for now, I'm super happy.

Artwork in the studio:
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OG DWITT and a tin PEZ sign

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Casey Burns, Billy Perkins, Bwaidamann, Bobby Dixon, Chuck Keppler

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BRLSQ stuff or as I like to refer to them: BoNA

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My grandma!!! (the tiger piece), more Bwaidamann, Tara

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Claudia Hek, BoNA, Bwaidamann, Riggs, me at age 4

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Chuck Keppler, Johnny Crap

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KristenMary said...

Congratulations! It must be great to have a space like that all to yourself.

Carrie said...

You have NO Unitus in your studio??!?!?!

Tsk tsk tsk