Thursday, June 21, 2007

A Big Stone Arch Festival THANK YOU!!!

I had a blast over Father's Day weekend at the Stone Arch Festival of the Arts.

I didn't get out much past my booth to check out the other artists at the event. I heard there was lots of great work. So anyway, here's some pics of the booth:

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The amazing and beautiful Miss Letta Wren. Letta was a huge help on Sunday. She filled in for my wife and helped me get rid of a ton of prints and posters. She's good stuff. Thanks again Letta!

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I got third place in something. One of the staff girls stopped by the booth on Sunday and said I won 3rd place. I asked her "for what? What did I do?" She said it was a ribbon for getting third in my category. I'm assuming that's printmaking or something like that. So yay. Totally unexpected.

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This is Reverborama, he's a fellow bike lover and totes around little flasks with a sticker on them. I was stoked to see him again (I'd seen him at Craftstravaganza before), and especially when he's bringing gifts along. Thanks so much Bob! Great to see you. Nice shirt too.

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Festival. And special thanks to everyone who bought some stuff, and also to the event staff, and Sara Collins who organized the event, and asked me to participate. I had a great time, and hope to do it again next year.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Brick by Brick 2007

Brick by Brick is an event designed to revitalize the creative energy of the Warehouse District and bring back the spirit that defined it as the creative center of Minneapolis. Just as this community was built, brick by brick, the stories continue to grow and the influence on the local arts scene is embedded forever. (Lifted straight from Brick by Brick's homepage) ;)

Here's my submission:
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Here's how it looks on the street. Mine is hanging on 1st Avenue and 4th Street.
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And closer:
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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Stone Arch Festival of the Arts

Hey! it's this weekend, Saturday, June 16 and Sunday June 17 from 9am-6pm both days!

I did the poster for the event, and it will be for sale in it's artprint form at the Artistic Indulgence booth right next door to mine. Once they sell out, I'll be busting my stash out to sell.

My booth will be under the Central Ave. bridge kiddie-corner from the City Pages main stage, and right across the street from the St. Anthony Main movie theater.

Check it out, I'll have new stuff there!

Stone Arch Festival of the Arts

Plaster the Town 2007 is coming!!!

Here's my poster for the show. I'll post more pics when the final piece is printed.

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However, in the meantime, this is your "save the date(s)" for the show.

There will be an opening party: SATURDAY, JUNE 30 FROM 3-11PM

There will also be a closing party: SUNDAY, AUGUST 12 FROM 3-11PM

Live bands and djs will be playing and spinning at each party.

Beer provided by awesome local breweries Summit and Surly.

POSTER ART (ETC.) WILL BE FOR SALE AT BOTH THE OPENING AND CLOSING PARTIES. And artwork will be on display for the duration of the gallery show.

We hope to see you there.