Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Adam Turman's work at the Electric Fetus

I was totally honored when the Electric Fetus, one of the greatest record stores in Minnesota and the world, asked me to be a featured artist in their "MinnEconomy" program.

MinnEconomy is a program that features a local Minnesota artist in each of the Electric Fetus stores (Minneapolis, St. Cloud, and Duluth) for a month. The artist's items will be discounted 10% for the month they are featured. February is my month, so get your butt in one of their stores, and pick up my new exclusive "Fetus only" print and other artprints of mine... oh and pick up some music as well.

Turman Electric Fetus

To top it off, the Minneapolis location will have Lucy Michelle & the Velvet Lapelles playing an in-store performance on Thursday, Feb. 19th at 6p. It's FREE!

Thanks so much to the Electric Fetus for all their support.