Thursday, April 26, 2007

Zodiac got A-Listed

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The City Pages, a local Twin Cities weekly rag, decided to use Lon and my Zodiac Smackdown artprint as an A-List illustration.

Just in time to promote the St. Paul Craftstravaganza. Go team!

666 Photography Project

Yo, there years later, a piece I had made for a group show is finally being printed.

I'm super excited about this one. 666 Photography is a girl named Gayla who takes beautiful pics of beautiful women, primarily pin-up style girls.

Gayla's idea for a show was to have some select artists use photos that she has taken of the girls she shoots and do their own artistic representation of that given photo.

I chose a girl named Nicola, otherwise know in the rollerderby world as "Suzy Homewrecker." I originally made the artwork in 2004, and now, in April of 2007, it's being printed, and it looks great. Printing done by Billy Bishop of Obselete Printing in Texas.

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Suzy Homewrecker. Lots of halftones in this one, something I don't normally do, but wanted to try.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Zodiac Smackdown

My buddy Lonny Unitus and I printed a little something over the weekend.

The design is from 2004 and we finally got around to printing it over the past weekend (3 years later). Anyway, the idea was born from a Squad 19 project called the Zodiac Smackdown. Basically an artist/designer would do half the design of a zodiac animal of their choosing, then pass it along to another artist/designer to FIGHT! The result in this case is a warm and fuzzy bunny fighting a magestic tiger.

Here's some of the printing process from our Sunday morning fun time extravaganza:

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The pile and the press.

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Pouring on the white for the first color.

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Running a few test prints.

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Wrenching it.

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First color done.

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Now for the red, well, orangy-red.

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Pulling color 2.

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Test print with color 2.

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Color is rockin'!

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Doing some stuff.

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Now for color 3. The yellow will make a 3rd color from the orangy-red that it prints over.

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Flood coat.

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3rd color down.

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White, orangy-red, and yellow.

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The stack.

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Keyline screen ready to go.

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And final.

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These will be on sale at the Craftstravaganza from both my booth and Lon's booth. They will be onsale on my site and also through Lon after the craftfair as well. We'll also have an add on as well after the event as well. However, if you are local and can make it to the Craftstravaganza, please do because it''ll be a deal there.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Artcrank = Bicycles + Posters

Artcrank 07 was a huge success! Unfortunately I wasn't able to attend the opening, but from what I've heard, it was a great turn out and a very successful event. I wish I could have been there.

Here's more info on the show:
Opening Night Reception:
Saturday, April 7
7 p.m.-?
Show runs through Saturday, April 28
One on One Bike Studio
117 Washington Ave. N.
Check out: for more info

Here's some pics of opening night:

Photos courtesy of Scott Haraldson.