Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New Studio/Garage Process 5

Turman Studio
Ok, I came home today, Tuesday, and check it! The whole garage was framed. Just finishing stuff on the framing needed to be done. It's a lot bigger than what it felt like just walking on the foundation.

Turman Studio
The new studio space, it's rough, but you can tell what it's going to look like now.

More to come.

Monday, June 23, 2008

New Studio/Garage Process 4

Turman Garage
Came home to all this framing stuff in the driveway.

Turman Garage
Sammy nervously guarding.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

New Studio/Garage Process 3

Turman Garage 6
Here's the concrete crew pouring the slab. They made quick work out of their job. The slab was poured in a matter of 2 hours. They immediately put down foundation blocks in preparation for framing.

The new garage/studio will be 33'x24'. It's a 3-car garage with a reverse gable. The whole thing will be heated and insulated. Storage truss above with a pull-down ladder. Everything will be sheetrocked.

I'll have the studio space (11'x24') air-conditioned, canned lighting with numerous outlets. 2 50amp circuits will connect to the garage/studio to run the heaters and all the equipment I'll need in the studio. 2 windows will face the house. It's going to be pretty sweet, and I'll get all my crap out of the basement!

Turman Slab 1
Slab, driveway, and sidewalk poured.

Turman Slab 2
3rd bay side of the driveway.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

New Studio/Garage Process 2

I've prepped everything that needed to be cleaned up for the demo guys to come in and tear our our old garage.

We moved our garden, part of my new retaining wall, took out the garage door opener (pretty much brand new), and stored all the stuff from the old garage in a POD container. A lot of work, but totally worth it.

So anyway, here's what I came home today after work.
Turman Garage 5
The demo guys made short work out of the old garage and driveway.

Turman Garage 5
Next day, the cement guys came in to form up the slab and part of the new driveway. That blue stuff is high-density foam to help insulate the slab from frost in the winter.

Meanwhile we had a couple of trees taken out as well. One of the trees had Dutch Elm disease, and the other (an evergreen) was so cramped that it wasn't flourishing due to it's placement. We didn't like to see the trees go, but it ended up opening up the space quite a bit for other plantings that we'll do, and a new fence.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

New Studio/Garage Process 1

Our old garage was in pretty bad shape. We moved into our home in July of 2001, and we knew right from the moment we bought the house that we had about another 5 years or so before the garage would have to be torn down and rebuilt.

The driveway was in really bad shape too. There was a tree (to the left, not pictured) pushing up part of the concrete right where cars would pull out of the garage.

At any rate, this is an on-going process thread showcasing our old garage, and having our new garage, and my brand spanking new studio space be built.

Turman Garage 1
The old garage.

Turman Garage 2
The old 2-car bay. The slab was in terrible shape and we had a significant mouse problem. So bad in fact that some mice decided the muffler of one of our cars would be a great home until we started up the car on a few occasions. Lot's of fun, and lots of $$$ to get the car mouse-free.

Turman Garage 3
Something nice about our old garage is that it had a good size area in the back of it for storage, and a small wood shop. I used that quite a bit. Here you see a door that lead to another back room, that flooded every time it rained and the room pictured was where the wood shop was. Both rooms leaked, had mice, and were extremely moldy. Not so great.

Turman Garage 4

This is the opposite side the wood shop room with a ton of garbage ready for demolition.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Celebrate Summer - Vita.mn cover

Adam Turman

Here's the latest cover I've done for Vita.mn. She compliments the Winter Guide cover I did back in January for the same weekly. This was super fun to do for one of my favorite clients. Thanks Leslie!!! Go summer, seems like it's going to be a short one here in the Twin Cities.

Cycle Minnesota

Cycle Minnesota

Gold Medal Flour in it's 3rd edition (18x24)
Purchase it here.

Gold Medal Flour (3rd Edition)

Gold Medal Flour

Gold Medal Flour in it's 3rd edition (18x24)
Purchase it here.

Grain Belt Beer Sign (3rd Edition)

Grain Belt Beer Sign

Grain Belt Beer Sign in it's 3rd edition (18x24)
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Uff-Da! It's Lutefisk


Uff-Da! artprint! (11x14)
Purchase it here.

Yeah sure, YOUBETCHA! Let's have lefse!


YouBetCha artprint! (11x14)
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Ada's Recital - Locomotion

This is my oldest (4) daughter's first dance recital. She's the little one on the far left. Do the Locomotion!!!